Meditations from the Mat :: Self Love

Self Love!

What is self love, what does it look like, how does it act, how do you acquire it? These are all questions that have been jumping around in my mind for some time now. I even spent a week away in the mountains of North Georgia meditating on these exact questions. However, to be honest, I haven’t found any answers quite yet. Why is that? Why is it so hard to wrap my mind around the idea of truly 100% loving myself, flaws and all?

I can’t blame it on my up bringing. I was raised by two wonderful parents and three amazing sisters who would do anything for me. They would lay down their life for me. They have always accepted me for who I am and loved me unconditionally. I also an amazing husband who has been my best friend for 17 years. He has seen every side of me and yet, unconditional love is all I receive from him. So why can’t I offer it to myself?

The only thing I have been able to come up with is that it is a life long practice. I am human, I am flawed, I try to put by best foot forward but it doesn’t always happen. I have thoughts I would never share with anyone else, and have done things I am not proud of but I STILL DESERVE MY OWN LOVE! I do! I know I do. So I need to wake up every day and tell myself how much I love me. Not just with my words but with my actions. By preparing a wholesome breakfast that nourishes my body, by spending time moving i.e walking, yoga, the gym, by sitting in meditation, by bathing and literally showering myself with love, by setting aside time to do something that makes me happy. These are all things that only I can do for myself. My parents, and siblings, and husband, and best friend can’t show me that kind of love. Only I can!

As humans we are flawed but we are also capable of immense chance. We can actually change the whole world but we have to start with ourself. With loving ourselves just the way we are today, right at this exact moment because we are enough and beautiful and worthy of love. I am and you are! You are enough, you are beautiful, you are worthy of love!

Please, I beg of you… go do something right now that shows yourself just how much you love you!

With all my love to you!