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Luna Nueva the Story

Today, Luna Nueva is a family run business. Owned and operated by myself and my husband, Cesar, but it didn’t start out that way…

 A few years back I found myself in my kitchen one night, alone, heartbroken and feeling incredibly lost. I decided to make myself something special but instead of the usual carb loaded cheesy goodness I would normally whip up, I started infusing oils and melting shea butter and pulling out old herbal recipes I had gathered over the years. I found my old deodorant recipe I had been trying to perfect and realized I new what was missing. That night, in my kitchen, with my puppy next to me and a glass of wine in hand, Luna Nueva’s Original Lavender + Peppermint deodorant was created.

I had made a batch of around six, I believe, so I offered them up to friends and family. A few weeks later I was getting requests for more. This was the start of something special. I began to play around with other recipes: lip balms, body butters, body scrubs. Again getting nothing but raving reviews. I was given the opportunity to sell my handcrafted goods in a local salon & spa. I broke out my 10 year old printer and printed myself up some labels. I found a friend to put a website together, got an Instagram account and started myself a little side hustle.

 Selling at one location turned into two locations, which turned into three locations. I decided to start doing pop-up shops and my products just kept selling. At some point I realized my “side hustle” could possibly be an actual business, my dream business to be exact. By this time Cesar was back home and, already owning his own business, he too saw the potential. It only made sense to make this dream business a reality. January 2019 Luna Nueva Apothecary, LLC came to be. Cesar came on as my partner handling all the “yucky” business parts of owning a business so I can have the time to create and write content and study and grow. Together we make a perfect team, allowing us the ability to deliver a wonderful product filled with love and organic herbal goodness.

 We have big dreams for Luna Nueva. A brick and mortar, a farm, who knows what will come next… All I do know, is I can’t wait to see it unfold. Thank you for being here and for supporting our little dream business. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do!


Gigi + Cesar




Why Luna Nueva? 

I have always been drawn to the moon and everything to do with the moon. Laying in my driveway as a child starring up at the sky, feeling the energetic pull just as if I was the oceans tide. As a creative being I use the energy of the moon to inspire my work. Spending time under the full moon playing with paint or under the new moon creating tinctures and herbal blends to heal. When I started brain storming names of my business I immediately thought of New Moon, but wanting to make it my own, I let the spanish influence of my husband and his beautiful Venezuelan family inspire me to chose Luna Nueva. 


How did you and your husband meet?

          Well… actually… Cesar was my high school algebra tutor. Yep! He was a couple years older, much smarter, and very good looking. He would tutor me after school and then we would hang out on my back porch. When I turned 16 years old he asked my parents if he could take me on a date. I wish I could say, “ and that was it, we have been together ever since” but that’s not quite how the story goes. We have had a long road with a lot of ups a downs but it has all been worth it. He is by my best friend and I am incredibly proud of the man he has become. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to do life with.


How long have you studied traditional herbalism? 

I can't remember an exact day or time that I decided to study herbalism. As long as I can remember I have seen the beauty in plants and have wanted to have them near me. I always loved my mothers flowers and wanted to pick them and bring them inside. My parents moved to north Georgia shortly after I started college and my mother became very close friends with a traditional herbalist who lived in her same town. When I first met this wonderful woman I knew I had to spend as much time near her, studying under her, and learning from her as I could. Over the last fourteen years, this is exactly what I have done. I continue to study under her as well as study from many different teachers by means of books, podcast, blogs, and online herbal schools. 


Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in the sunshine state, calling Orlando, FL home. My family's roots run deep in the south with my fathers side being Cajun and living all over Louisiana and Texas and my mothers side coming from the west coat of Florida. My long, fun, and fancy Spanish surname comes from 16 years of waiting for the love of my life to ask me to be his wife.  


Where did you study? 

I am a firm believer in the idea that knowledge is power. While school didn't come easy to me as a child, it has evolved into one of my favorite things and I plan on being a forever student. As for now my credentials go like this: 

·       Rollins College :: Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication w/ a Minor in Business Administration

·       Hatha Yoga School for Teacher Training :: 200 Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

·       Institute for Integrative Nutrition :: Certified Holistic Health Coach

I have dreams of going back and getting my Masters and a PhD... why dream if you can't dream big... stay tuned! 


What diet regimen do you follow? 

The term "diet" is one I struggle with. I feel its meaning has evolved over the years and is now associated with something said to be "short term" or a "fad" if you will. To me the term diet refers to what you eat every day. What you put in your mouth and body everyday equals your diet. My diet goes something like this. 

·       I eat meat, all meat, remember earlier when you read about me being a Cajun... however, I eat high quality animal protein in small quantities. About 4-6 oz a day, if that!

·       I eat dairy

·       I don’t eat gluten

·       I eat lots and lots of leafy greens... I try to eat veggies of all shapes, sizes, and colors

·       I eat processed carbs, because pizza.. duh!

·       I eat fruit... not a crazy amount but maybe a serving a day

Life is short and food is so freaking yummy. I do not believe in deprivation, I believe in treating yourself and your body with love and respect and giving it what it needs to be the best body it can possibly be. I believe in "#treatyoself" by cultivating a healthy relationship with food because what’s the fun in a cheat meal if you're going to feel guilty all week for it. I am big on moderation and while I enjoy the "not so healthy foods" I treat myself to them very limitedly but enough to enjoy them and to never feel deprived. It’s a balancing act for sure, but one totally worth doing. 



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